College Checklist -

Use this page as a checklist for everything you need to take, or print it out to use as you buy what you need. Click any item to learn more, and get recommendations and things to look for. Sorry, it's pretty simple right now (there's no saving yet, so best print it out). We're working on it.

Item Description
College Essentials
Cell Phone + Charger One of the most important things you can bring!
Backpack / Book Bag A bag for your books and computer that you'll use every day.
School Supplies Desk Organizer Pencils + Pens, Notebook / Binder + Lined paper, Notebooks, Stapler, Calculator, Portable Flash Drive (e.g. USB Thumb drive), Hi-lighter, Scissors, Tape / Glue, Sticky Notes, Paper Clips, White-Out, 3 Hole Punch, Hole reinforcers, Pencil Sharpener, Colored Markers / Colored Pencils, Envelopes + Stamps. And anything else you can think of.
Transportation You might want a skateboard, bike, car, or money for public transit...
Laptop Lock Most laptops have a Kensington lock slot.
Wireless / Ethernet Bringing your own wireless router for your room can free up cables if your room comes only with ethernet, or bring an ethernet cable.
Printer Talk to your roommate!
Software Microsoft office (or something similar) is a must.
Dorm Essentials
Bedding + Blankets Bring 2 sets of easy to wash sheets / blankets.
Comforter A comforter with a duvet (removable cover) is much easier to clean.
Toiletries Click the link for an extensive list.
Towels / Bathrobe At least 2 sets is recommended.
Bed Risers HIGHLY recommended if you aren't in a bunk bed to make some extra space.
Organizers Great for stacking too!
Surge Protector Don't lose that paper you've been working on all night and forget to save...
Must Haves
Debit or Credit Card Easiest way to receive money from your parents, and you won't have to deal with change.
Driver's License (ID) You'll need to have an ID with your birthday one it. Your real birthday.
Copy of Prescriptions If you have any perscription medications...
Copy of Birth Certificate Really, the only time you would need this would be for getting a job, or possibly at your school's request.
Bank Account Info Just in case you ever need money...
Social Security Card Now this is one that you may actually be asked for when you apply for a job, or that your school migh task for. Or just memorize the number.
Passport Especially if you live near the border, or if you have a study abroad trip coming up, you'll definitely want to consider bringing your passport. But if you do... don't lose it.
You + Roommate
Microwave-Fridge Your best friend between meals. Where you put your... soda.
Printer + Paper + Ink All-in-one machines are recommended.
TV + cable If you want one... don't forget a cable.
Lighting Desk and/or Floor lamp. Because dorm lighting is usually... minimalistic.
Gaming System Don't let your LAN parties get too crazy...
Speakers If you love music and hate your neighbors, this is a must.
Coffee Maker Making all-nighters possible, all from your very own room.
Hair Dryer Make sure you plug it into a surge protector!
iPod... Music Jump on the bandwagon and get one if you haven't already.
Headphones If you don't share your roommate's taste in music... or have guilty pleasures you don't want anyone knowing about.
Alarm Clock How else would you make it to class on time?
Flash Drive They're cheap, and an easy way to move around a few files.
DVD Player Your computer will probably work...
Camera Get one that's party proof: water/beer proof, and drop-proof
Batteries If anything you brought with you needs batteries... bring them from home. They're expensive.
Clothes You only get to wear your birthday suit one day a year. Come prepared.
Laundry Hamper You might one that folds. Or doesn't stain. Or is on wheels. Or does your laundry for you.
Closet Hangers Plastic is better for your clothes than wire ones. You probably want some organizers too.
Detergent You probably have to bring your own.
Bleach + Fabric Softener Especially if you are an athelete who wears white socks...
Quarters For laundry. Or college-student tips.
Tide To Go So you can do laundry less often!
Iron Make sure you're allowed to bring one. Then learn how to use it.
Drying Rack If you want to avoid using dryers.
Formalware You'll need to look nice every now and then. For interviews, dates, dances, and rushing a Fraternity / Sorority.
Gym Clothes + Gear In addition to clothes, bring any equipment you might want: football, frisbee, tennis racquets, workout gloves, etc.
Outerware Depends on where you go to school. In SoCal, shorts. In alaska, not so much.
For the Bathroom
Toiletries Click the link. There's a long list there.
Shower bag Especially if you don't have lockers, one that won't get moldy or anything gross.
Case If you have a lot of make-up or whatever...
Shower Shoes You are probably sharing showers with like 50 people. Think about that.
Be Comfortable
Mattress Pad What, did you really think your bed would be comfortable? Are you really even comfortable sleeping without something between you and that mattress?
Organizers + Storage Bins Again, loft your bed. Organizers are your friend in your tiny room.
Fan A lot of schools help you out with heating, but not air-conditioning. Check your school's site.
Mug + Dishware Good if you drink tea or coffee often. Soap in soap dispensers usually works fine as dish soap.
Filtered Water Pitcher Bring a Brita. Assuming you don't trust your school's arguably ancient waterpipe system to keep your water entirely clean...
Mirror Useful, but a well-placed mirror can also make your room feel bigger.
Silverware Bring your own if you don't want to steal it from the cafeteria.
Cleaners + Paper Towels Febreeze. Paper towels. Magic Eraser for spots. Windex?
Message Board Your floormates will leave you colorful messages every now and then...
Ear Plugs Best way to cope with a snoring roommate.
Hand Vacuum Often, you can borrow one, but if not, a vacuum is handy to have.
Duct Tape You might want super glue too. Then you can fix anything!
Handi-Tak To hang up your posters, a.k.a. the finest dorm decor.
Sewing Kit If you know how to sew, great way to fix up clothes on the cheap.
Lock Box Get one that's fire safe. Good place to store sensitive documents, cash, etc., especially if you leave your door open a lot.
First Aid Kit If you don't want to walk to the hospital every time you get a cut...
Light Bulbs Don't get halogens!
Area Rug To lighten up a room with boring or wooden floors
Chair / Futon Only if you have the space!
Pillows / Body Pillow A few throw pillows make your room a lot more lounge friendly.